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Whether your fleet consists of fuel efficient commuter cars or it demands the utility of up to 2-ton diesel pickups, we’re here to help.

We know you demand uptime. Being down affects the bottom line, employee morale and causes stress. We get it. You want the most out of your fleet vehicles, and for that, they’ll have to be taken care of with care and precision, while still being cognizant of cost. Fleet vehicles generally require inspections & repairs more often depending on usage as well as more specialized care to ensure maximum effect. We can help.

We offer all of our automotive & light truck services to our fleet customers as well as additional perks to ensure costs stay in line on your end.

  • Pick up and drop off services from your place of business. Why spare a pair of your staff members to deliver a vehicle and pick it up. We’ll do it for you. Get those folks back to making your dream work.
  • Any and all services, from oil change to major engine work also include our 40 point peace of mind inspection. The sooner we catch potential issues, the better you can manage your needs and resources. We’ll give you timelines for life of parts where appropriate and work with you to create maintenance plans for maximum effect.

Whether your fleet requirements are standard city commuting or the demanding severe service of industrial work, we can help.

Regular pre-trip inspections by your employees have been proven time and time again to save downtime and catastrophic failure through early detection. If they find an issue, we’ll be here for you. Whether it’s a quick conversation over the phone with one of our red seal ticketed automotive technicians or stopping by our physical location, we will ensure all of your concerns are handled so your team can get out there and do what they need to do without fear of a roadside breakdown or further costly damage.

As you manage your business, keeping track of all your vehicles, their maintenance, and the associated costs is paramount. We can provide fleet profiles for each vehicle to give you snapshots of your quarterly, annual and lifetime costs to help you decide when to retire fleet, where to invest and how to maximize your resources. We can share inspection results, repair estimates and invoices with you via text or email at any time so you can review, approve, ask questions and not break stride. Our goal is to ensure you never need to slow down.

We know you’re pivotal in your business and have larger issues and items to handle. On top of all other requirements, you can’t be expected to be a mechanic as well, so reach out to us and we’ll gladly look after this piece of the pie for you in a cost effective and transparent manner. We’re dedicated to giving you the best deals for your business, so it can grow and flourish free from the minutiae of maintenance.

If this sounds like something that would benefit your fleet, please reach out and let’s start with a small conversation with no obligation.

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